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GRACE kids

Our kids are a vital part of our church. They light candles. They dance. They ask good questions. They are drawn to stories and symbols.

They are welcome at the table. 

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Our kids start and end the service with their families. We want them to get a taste of "big church." We want them to worship with their grown-ups and take communion together as a family. 

We do offer a children's program in the middle of the service for ages 2-12. In this safe, kid-friendly space, children can hear a Bible story, ask questions, and make connections to their own lives. 

Infants & toddlers

We welcome these little ones, noise and all!  We don't currently have regular infant care --- just lots of grace and sympathy for parents juggling church with babies, and we'll happily help in any way we can. The back hall is a great space to step away if you need to during the service. 

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